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College Heights Swim Team APP


College Heights Gators

This app is to help find and locate information about the College Heights Pool and their swim team the College Heights Gators. Within this app you will find directions to the pools that the swim meets will be held at, you will find information on swim records for events as they have been published by the Rappahannock Swim League or RSL, the 2013 RSL Rules, pictures, a message board, fan wall, QR code scanner, connection to FaceBook, concessions, and a note pad to your swimmer events and times.


Useful features in this app,
• Events Calendar with directions
• Messages
• Pool Location
• Social Media
• QR Code Scanner
• PDF Resource for Rules, Records, etc
• Submit Photos feature
• Swim Pictures
• Concessions
• Note Pad for Times & Events





Ipad-Splash Loading

Loading Screen For IPad


Location Tab


Screen Shot IPad

Gators App QR

Scan QR to download.


Screen Shot IPad Photo

The App will help with the questions that parents always have which are where and when is the swim meet. This App also is a good place to post new swim records for events and list out duties for people to sign up for.
A lot of swim meets will have weather delays, this App lets you do Geo-Push-Notifications so participants will know when the meet is ready to start again.
This App can be used for increasing concession sells by listing out what is available and the cost. Promotions can also be put out for end of meet food specials.

With all that can be done with this App, why would you not want it for your next swim meet?

Pitts Automotive

Pitts Automotive

Pitts Automotive



Pitts automotive has been around since 1957. The business was started as a Gulf Oil station. Since that time, Gary Pitts has developed the location into a trusted downtown repair and towing service business. The application is in Google Play Store and is set as a HTML5 for non Android phones. You can go to this link to download the APP:


Scan or click on the QR Code:

Pitts Automotive APP Icon

Pitts Automotive – Click on to go to APP

Scan with Smartphone or Click on Image

Scan with Smartphone








QR Codes for APP Download



Screen Shot



Screen Shot


Pitts Automotive APP

Screen Shot








The application has several features:

• Home page with CALL US button, Directions Button, and Tell Friend Button -Home Home Tab

• Car Cam Tab for taking and sending in photos of your car to be displayed – Car Cam Email Photo Tab

• Location Tab for GPS location – Location Contact Tab

Web Site – Web Site Tab

• Quick Contact Tab to send a photo on the go

• Photo Gallery Tab – Gallery Image Gallery Tab

• QR Scanner

• QR Coupons

• What’s Around Us Tab

• Loyalty Reward Tab

• Email Photo Tab to send pictures or video

• Where’s My Car Tab

• I Need A Tow Tab




I have found these to be useful features for contacting the business and to access their web site.  I hope that in the future an application will be developed for the IPhone and IPad.  Enjoy the APP.

Pitts Automotive

(540) 371-4233

Hours: Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm; Sat; 8am – 5pm; Sun, closed.

2610 Princess Anne Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Express Auto Service & Spa Mobile APP Review

APP Download PageAPP Download PageDescription
Express Auto Service & Express Auto Spa, is a combined location APP that allows the customer; with a Smartphone, to download and receive Loyalty Rewards, Frequent Customer Coupons along with other features that utilize the capabilities of the Smartphone.

Download Instructions
The Express Auto Service and Spa APP is the first APP to be reviewed by This mobile application was developed for the IPhone, IPad and the Android mobile device. To download the App:

1. Look for Barcode or QR code reader on your Smartphone. If you do not have one, go online and search for free QR reader or scanner for your Android or IPhone.

2. Scan the QR code that matches your type of Smartphone. If you do not have an Android or Apple IPhone/IPad, then scan the HTML5 QR code. Once scanned, you should end up at ITunes App Store or Play Google App Store where you will see the App Icon. If you scanned the HTML5, you will have the Mobile Web version that does not contain the software specific features of Android and IPhone.

Android go to:

ITunes go to:

QR HTML5Screen-Shots_LMA_HTML5

3. You will see an Install designation, click on install App.

4. Once you have installed the App, you will be asked for permissions, click yes, now enjoy the many features of the App and the Savings you will receive.

ValueThe purpose of the application is to enhance customer satisfaction and reward the customer for their loyal purchasing of products and services.

• View our services while on the go
• Unlock coupon rewards for frequent visits
• Receive exclusive mobile coupons
• Email us photos of before and after at our car wash
• Receive quotes
• Find your car with our APP
• Free QR code reader
• Share with others, check in with Facebook and Twitter



The application has:
1) Home Tab
2) Loyalty Tab
3) QR Scanner
4) QR Coupons
5) Car Finder
6) Events
7) Car Cam
8) Gallery
9) Facebook
10) Twitter
11) Services
12) Quick Connect
13) Gas Saving Tips
14) AskPatty

The application list changes with management and customer needs.
1) The Home Tab features current contact information along with a gallery of slider photos that display the business Express Auto Service and Spa.
2) The Loyalty Tab is used to unlock rewards for customers that have shown their loyalty by coming back for repeat purchase of products and or services.
3) The QR Scanner is installed as an alternative to downloading one from the Internet.
4) The QR Coupon Tab is available for Mobile customers to utilize to receive discounts for product purchases or services after a designated amount of unlocks have been achieved by the user.
5) The Car Finder Tab utilizes the GPS on the Smartphone to establish a point of reference (starting point) as you leave your parked car or means of transportation, then lets you find where you are in relation to your starting point (end point), then provides directions back to the starting point.
6) The Events Tab is used to announce or display the business’ events through out the year. This may be charitable events, promotions of specials or reminders of seasonal maintenance.
7) The Car Cam Tab is a feature that can be used to take a photograph and email that photo to use with a description to be placed on a gallery or wall.
8) The Gallery Tab is a display of photographs.
9) The Facebook Tab is a direct link to Facebook, where comments or likes can be viewed or placed.
10) Twitter Tab can be used to check in or Tweet about the business.
11) The Services Tab gives a brief check-off of services provided.
12) Quick Connect Tab can be used for one button dialing.
13) The Gas Savings Tab is a link to provide helpful tips for saving gas.
14) The AskPatty Tab Has a link to Express Auto Service Web page and another link to the web site. Express Auto Service has been through a training program to be certified as female friendly for customer peace of mind.

The application works the best with a WiFi connection or on 4G. The features work well but some additional content is needed. After looking at all the features and functionality, I would rate this application a 4.5 on a scale of 1-5.

For more information on APP Development go to