College Heights Swim Team APP


College Heights Gators

This app is to help find and locate information about the College Heights Pool and their swim team the College Heights Gators. Within this app you will find directions to the pools that the swim meets will be held at, you will find information on swim records for events as they have been published by the Rappahannock Swim League or RSL, the 2013 RSL Rules, pictures, a message board, fan wall, QR code scanner, connection to FaceBook, concessions, and a note pad to your swimmer events and times.


Useful features in this app,
• Events Calendar with directions
• Messages
• Pool Location
• Social Media
• QR Code Scanner
• PDF Resource for Rules, Records, etc
• Submit Photos feature
• Swim Pictures
• Concessions
• Note Pad for Times & Events





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Location Tab


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Gators App QR

Scan QR to download.


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The App will help with the questions that parents always have which are where and when is the swim meet. This App also is a good place to post new swim records for events and list out duties for people to sign up for.
A lot of swim meets will have weather delays, this App lets you do Geo-Push-Notifications so participants will know when the meet is ready to start again.
This App can be used for increasing concession sells by listing out what is available and the cost. Promotions can also be put out for end of meet food specials.

With all that can be done with this App, why would you not want it for your next swim meet?

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