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English Acres Mobile APP Review

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English Acres APP Download

English Acres is a nursery, located 2 1 / 2 miles north of Bowling green on Rte 2.

12550 Fredericksburg Turnpike
Woodford, VA 22580.



They have a knowledgeable, friendly staff that are committed to serving you.

English Acres Nursery offers quality plants that are used for residential and commercial.

At this time their active App is on Play Google Store.  The url is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_engan.layout

The App features a colorful layout with pictures of flowers that they sell.  On the main page you will find handy features like one button “Call us”, “Directions” that will open up Google Maps or Google Earth, and “Tell a Friend” that will open up Social Media Tabs of Share by Email, Facebook, Twitter or by SMS.

The App has a messages Tab, an Events Tab, Location TAb, Services, Coupons, Submit Photos, Around Us, QR Coupons, a QR Scanner and Voice Notes.

Not all the tabs are filled out completely, but that is just a matter of attaching a few services beyond what has been mentioned.

Overall I would rate this a well thought out App and one worth the download.  Please download and leave a rating.

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by David Proctor / President

Proctor Company Incorporated